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Presidents’ Report

WAOSA and their Orff family celebrated a wonderful 20 years of Orff Schulwerk in Western Australia in 2014.  This allowed us a chance to remember what Orff has brought to the lives of those it has touched.  Our biggest celebration was the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow publication in which we took the opportunities to reflect, on where Orff Schulwerk has come from in WA and where we envisage it going in the future.  In this magazine we have collated some wonderful articles from experts and Orff guru’s around the world.  It is well worth the read and if nothing else, we hope you take away from it 20 fabulous lesson ideas, 20 top resources that we feel are well worth having and 20 speech rhymes available for you to use in your lessons.  

We were lucky enough to have the wonderful David Spurgeon out from Sydney for a two day Creative Dance Workshop last year.  David imparted invaluable knowledge and creativity in this workshop.  Resulting in many hours of rewarding lessons, grown from seeds David planted in those two days. David made a very successful trip down to Bunbury where he held a one day workshop.  This was very well received by the folk in the South West.   WAOSA also hosted Level’s 1, 2 and 3 (for the second year running) and enjoyed the company of more international participants than ever before.  We are so proud to be able to provide Levels training of an international standard and to be sharing this amazing approach with, not only our fellow countrymen but with those from abroad too.  Last by not least we held a very successful PD in March which was priced in such a way that we had a wonderful turn out.  Last year WAOSA had the pleasure of contributing to the funding for our very own Mary Walton to allow her to study further at the Orff Institute in Salzburg and we look forward to welcoming Mary back in 2015 to share her new skills and knowledge. 

2015!  We are pleased to have provided PD for generalist teachers who are not necessarily music trained.  This is something we feel quite passionately about as many schools, are only able to provide music for children in the upper primary years due to lack of funding.  Sadly the younger children miss out and the teachers who work in the ECE departments are required to teach their own music lessons with limited knowledge and resources.  We are therefore provided an opportunity for ECE staff to share in the joy of Orff Schulwerk which will thus allow the children to revel in the fun, interactive approach to teaching music that Orff provides. Hopefully this can become a fixture on our calendar each year.  As mentioned earlier, Mary Walton will be returning from Salzburg later in the year and she has agreed to share many of the wonderful things she has learnt with us on 29th August.  She is also going to make a trip down to Bunbury in early October for the very keen and enthusiastic regional members.  We are offering Level’s 1 and 2 again in 2015 from the 26th September to the 1st of October.  We are looking forward to having many of our very own wonderful WA presenters this year and one familiar face from the East, Susie Davis-Splitter.  

The WAOSA team works hard behind the scenes to arrange and provide PD opportunities for our members and the wider community.  We value your continued support and interest in our Newsletters, PD’s and Levels courses.  We really appreciate your feedback and would love to know if there are particular areas in which we could provide more PD or areas where more help is needed.  Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions on  Wishing you all a wonderful 2015 filled with music and song.


Andy Stewart


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